Najma Malik

Najma Malik, the vision behind NJ Group of Companies

as CEO of  NJ Marketings Inc, NJ SoftLab, NJ Digital TV & ZIRVY in Canada directs her creativity and energy into all the group arms and leads each individual segment to its success. A Computer Engineer by education, Najma is not only a digital media expert but a visionary whose dream to create a state of the art local Media Marketing Agency is on its way to be realized.

Living healthy and following beauty regime are some of the things Najma really enjoys. After extended research and consultation, she decided to come up with a beauty care product line and started HerbHush herbal beauty line in Pakistan. 

She was a fashion student to done diploma in fashion designing.  After the success of Media & Marketing businesses, she got time to resume work on clothing brand and her dream has come into reality as she launched her  Clothing Brand VAYYA in Pakistan & Canada .
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